San Francisco Giants S - Z

Here is a current list of players who have played for the San Francisco Giants whose last name start with the letters S – Z . I am trying to collect a card of every player who has played for the Giants since their arrival in San Francisco. My goal is to try to get an autograsphed item, but know for the older players that may not be possible. If you you have a card of a player in a Giants uniform that I don't have please leave me a comment so that we can trade. Thanks!


Sadecki, Ray Pitcher 1966-1969
Sadek, Mike – Catcher
Sanford, Jack = Pitcher – 1959 – 1965 DECEASED 3.7.2000
Sasser, Mackey 1987**
Sauer, Hank- Outfield – 1957 – 1959 DECEASED 8.24.2001
Soderstrom, Steve – Pitcher*
Spahn, Warren – Pitcher – 1965 DECEASED 11.24.2003
Spillman, Harry –Outfield


Taschner, Jack – Pitcher *
Tate, Stu 1989**
Thomas, Derrel – 2nd Base
Thomasson, Gary – 1st Base/Outfield
Thompson, Robby – 2nd Base
Torcato, Tony – Outfield*
Trumble, Dan


Uribe, Jose – Shortstop - 1985-1992 DECEASED
Urban, Jeff



Wagner, Leon – Outfield - 1958-1959, 1969 DECEASED 01.03.2004
Ward, Colin 1985**
Whitaker, Steve – Pitcher
Whitson, Eddie – Pitcher
Williams, Jerome – Pitcher
Williams, Matt -3rd Base - 1987-1996**
Willoghby, Jim - Pitcher



Zerbe, Chad – Pitcher

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